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» DVDs » Legends » Jimmy White - The One And Only

Jimmy White - The One And Only


If you’re easily offended by the odd swear word (in almost every scene), or you want to maintain your perception of Jimmy as the `loveable rogue’ then this is not for you. If you want to feel like you REALLY know Jimmy then “The One And Only” is a must see!

The 110-minute documentary is totally unique, where the viewer is more than just a fly on the wall.

When sports people talk to camera, you usually get the stereotypical quotes about “staying focussed” and “being in the zone”. You will get your fair share of these plus a lot of phrases less commonly used in sport.

There are low points when Jimmy’s road manager, Kevin, is fighting with Tony Drago and another scene where Jimmy and Kevin are on a massive bender in a quiet bar in Surrey, which could have the `bleeper’ working overtime.

It’s got characters! More than a few blasts from the past make an appearance, with their chance to express what Jimmy has meant to them and the game of snooker. Plus, for most of them, a not-to-be-missed opportunity of a rare ego-boost.

The Hurricane has blown out to little more than a gentle breeze nowadays, but nevertheless it is great to see Alex Higgins. The inimitable Higgins technique is still there and it is clear he can still pack in the crowds wherever he chooses to pick up his cue.

An admirable yet uncomfortable air of optimism is clear throughout the show with people close to Jimmy, fantasising about the day he will become world champion, while those further removed seem to accept that sad as it may be, White is past his best.

Jimmy means the world to the game of snooker and The One And Only shows that the game means the world to Jimmy. He may not have the edge that he once had, but the passion still burns strongly.

It’s got emotion! The promotional material says share the highs and lows with Jimmy. That couldn’t be nearer the truth. You cant help but get involved as one of the greatest players of all time, fist pumps as he leaves the low-profile qualifying rounds in Prestatyn after winning two matches against relatively anonymous opponents.

It’s got comedy! The Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise, Ant and Dec and Jimmy and Kevin.

Well, OK the last pair probably wont go down in any comedy hall of fame, but there are some really funny moments between the two. We weren’t sure whether we were supposed to be laughing with them or at them, but either way, laughing we were.

On the one-hand they are a high-profile professional sportsman and his road manager, and on the other they are two guys who have this kind of love / hate relationship, and cant help getting up to mischief at any given opportunity.

Worth watching alone, for the drunken fall out of the limmo!

The extra footage shows Jimmy as the “family guy” with a houseful of kids and grand-kids, all of whom clearly share the same adoration for him as his millions of fans around the world.

There is not an 18 certificate on this for nothing. It really is no holds barred stuff. Compelling viewing with more than a few uncomfortable moments where you probably wont believe your eyes or ears.

A few dodgy looking characters, Sex (well a bit of naked flesh), Drugs (no evidence of, but a few references to) and Rock’n'Roll (the inevitable appearance of Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood), The One And ONLY has a bit of everything. Watch and make your own mind up, but probably best not to buy Mum a copy for Christmas!!!

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